A Guide To Preventing Electrical Fires In Home – Electrical Safety Tips

It will presumably shock you to discover that practically 50% of Fires in household properties in the UK Electrical Safety Certificates are brought about by electrical things; anything from straightforward electric deficiencies to dangerous purchaser units or broken apparatuses, all can cause a fire. Fires decimate homes; resources and assets are pulverized, families left destitute, individuals harmed or more regrettable. To counteract the most noticeably awful happening in your home; here are our top tips for anticipating electrical Fires in the home.

Check The Condition Of Your Fuse box/Consumer Unit

In certain houses, purchaser units (or breaker boxes, meld sheets, electrical boxes) may have been set up for quite a long time without an undeniable flaw, persuading they are sheltered. Sadly, there are various issues that can happen with more seasoned customer units:

Some more established purchaser units are built of wood making them exceptionally combustible.

Some more established shopper units may not be fitted with a RCD (Residual Current Device) – an actual existence sparing gadget that cuts off the UK Electrical Safety Certificates in case of an electrical deficiency.

Live portions of more established customer units may become harmed presenting live parts to contact bringing about the hazard for electrical stuns and being a significant fire chance.

In case you’re uncertain of the state of your customer unit, watch the video underneath covering some basic more established models of buyer unit and the shortcomings they are inclined to. In case you’re as yet not certain, vibe allowed to call one of our group 020 3239 0374  on and we’ll be glad to exhort.

Step By Step Instructions To TRIP TEST YOUR RCD

On the off chance that you have an advanced shopper unit, it ought to be fitted with a RCD – it’s significant that you test the RCD now and then to guarantee it is working appropriately.

Excursion testing your RCD is fast, simple and could anticipate an electrical fire in your home. It’s as straightforward as pushing a catch; watch the video underneath for bit by bit guidelines on trip testing your RCD.


In some cases alluded to as ‘daisy fastening’, this is the activity of connecting one expansion link to another to make more outlets. It is anything but a reasonable activity, and can bring about leads and fitting attachments overheating and bursting into Fires.


Home improvement shops and enormous stores will frequently sell bigger expansion links that have the limit with respect to 6 plugs rather than the ordinary 4. This is desirable over consolidating two as it is then ensured by a solitary 13Amp circuit.

Is It Time For A Rewire?

Revamping a house is a broad employment that includes supplanting a few or the entirety of the wiring in a property. Since it’s viewed as troublesome and possibly chaotic, it is something that might be maintained a strategic distance from by property holders; notwithstanding, living in a home with risky wiring can bring about lost electric, electric stun and electrical Fires.

Just as a having a revamp completed at regular intervals, you ought to have a circuit tester come to investigate your wiring on the off chance that you see any of the accompanying:

  • Discontinuous lighting or power.
  • Breakers more than once blowing.
  • Wiring or switches and attachments in poor condition or harmed.
  • Green clingy substance on wiring or frill.
  • DIY or ineffectively introduced wiring or embellishments.


Apparatuses can likewise cause fires in the home. Probably the most well-known incorporate, tumble dryers, clothes washers and modest telephone chargers. To guarantee you don’t wind up with an electrical fire in your home – shop savvy:

  • Continuously purchase chargers in accordance with producer’s proposals.
  • Abstain from purchasing machines from abroad (modest reproductions on eBay).
  • Research the producer first – Which? Has a rundown of the brands most connected with electrical Fires here.
  • Guarantee your apparatuses have the CE checking.
  • Try not to leave things, for example, hair straighteners or convenient radiators unattended.
  • Test And Maintain Your Smoke Detectors
  • Normally testing and keeping up your smoke alarms won’t forestall electrical Fires, however it will guarantee you are cautioned in case of a fire beginning.
  • You should plan to test your smoke alarm once per week, with a fast get being done once at regular intervals. Watch the video instructional exercise underneath to discover that it is so natural to test your smoke alarm; alongside how to change the battery.

Your Local Friendly Electrician

Numerous houses in Bristol and Bath were worked more than 100 years back and the electrical establishments inside huge numbers of them are regularly out-dated and needing work to protect them for proceeded with activity. We run over such a significant number of electrical flaws that with the pro information and experience that we have, can be rapidly and effectively fixed at a practical cost.

In the event that you think you have an issue with the electrics in your property – kindly don’t stop for a second to call us on 020 3239 0374 or click here