Best Services by Emergency Electrician in London and Its Prices

Emergency Electrician in London being offered many other types of jobs by landlords, the most popular of which are below with pricing guidelines to help you with the budget. All the quotations below assume a comparable replacement, the use of white plastic finishes in a contract (no decorative finishes) and that no repairs are made on carpets and floors, as well as decoration or paint.

Wiring of the house again

Perhaps the biggest home improvement job an emergency electrician can do, rewiring your home replaces all outdated or defective wiring that is responsible for 12,500 home fires a year and 750 serious injuries (source: 4 U Electrician courses) Most electricians recommend you to rewire your home every 20 to 25 years.

Rewiring a home with 3 rooms’ costs between £ 2,500 and £ 4,500; it usually takes about 6 days for your emergency electrician and colleagues to complete the task. The prices are higher for homeowners and homeowners in southern England than in other parts of England or the rest of the UK.

Your electrician renews all the wiring in your house, including the wiring to the consumer and the electricity meter. In almost all cases the consumer unit is replaced, as well as all switches, plugs and sockets of your property. Before the session is closed, your electrician performs a thorough circuit test and issues a final installation certificate afterwards.

There is more information here about household wiring at London Property Inspections.

Replace the fuse box

It is possible that, after an electrical safety inspection, it is recommended to install a new fuse box to comply with your duty of care and health and safety laws. To replace a fuse box, also known as a consumer unit, you must budget between £ 325 and £ 600 depending on where you are in the country.


Exhaust fans are ideal for removing moist air that causes mold formation in bathrooms, especially bathrooms without windows. Preventing mold on a home is important for both residents and owners, especially for owners who have difficulty renting a poorly ventilated home with the risk of developing mold.

If you want to replace an existing extractor, you must pay between £ 125 and £ 225. To install a new extractor, you have to pay double. These prices do not include the delivery of the exhaust fan itself, you will have to buy that.

Mobile switches or plugs

Moving switches or plugs is one of the simplest tasks that an electrician can do and takes the least time while performing the task.

For a comparable change of a power outlet, the comparable replacement of a light switch or the relocation of a light switch, you should expect to pay between £ 75 and £ 145 depending on the location of your home and the time you needed to work to do. If you want to move a switch or outlet, expect to pay between £ 175 and £ 300 and add an additional outlet, the quotes will probably be between £ 150 and £ 275.

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