Do I need a commercial Gas Safety Certificate? Tips for Registration in UK

It is very easy. If you own a commercial property that has gas appliances, this is a crime without a valid annual gas safety certificate. We deliver the best services for your gas appliances for the safety of you and your tenants.

How to obtain a gas safety certificate

Contact us with a list of your gas boiler heaters and we will give you the best services within 24 hours. You can obtain your gas safety certificate within a few days. Our telephone number is 020 3239 0374.

What are the requirements?

About 30 people die each year in the UK as a result of poorly maintained or improperly installed gas appliances and gas channels, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning and killing. The gas safety regulations (use and installation) of 1998 imposed obligations on people who use gas systems to ensure that they are adequate and safe for use. You can find all the details on the website of the government’s Gas Safety Regulations.

These duties also include that you are responsible for the inspection and maintenance of all gas boilers in use, heaters, fires and all other types of gas combustion equipment. If you are a landlord or a tenant, a self-employed person or an employer, this applies to you if you are responsible for gas appliances.

A separate lease or contract can help you make practical arrangements to ensure that you meet the gas safety requirements. However, the most important legal responsibility lies with those who occupy the workplace in question. Any person in control of the building, or the owner, would also have obligations under the Health and Safety Act of 1974, and also ensure safe maintenance of the heating equipment in the common areas. The separate or contractual lease agreement can be used to determine how these responsibilities are assigned.

Regardless of the size of the device, location or type of systems and devices, it is necessary to ensure that they are maintained at least every year, or even more often according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

What happens if I don’t have a gas safety certificate?

According to what we feel, it is simply not worth the risks associated with not having a gas safety certificate. It is not just about fines, loss of offer or fine; they are the risks to life due to defective equipment and, probably, imprisonment if found guilty.

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