Domestic vs Commercial Energy Performance Certificate EPC Cost UK

Due to the detailed level of information required for data entry in the accredited commercial energy performance assessment software program. The site survey can last from half a day to several days or even weeks with a site survey. The time spent in the office entering and modeling all data obtained from the site survey may have been 2-3 times to complete the site survey. Know about EPC Cost UK by London Property Inspections.

Case study EPC Survey

Domestic energy performance certificates / assessments only take between 30 minutes to 60 minutes to perform the site survey. Again, about twice the time spent entering the information in the office software program.

Accommodation cost Of EPC in UK

Subsistence costs vary between the accreditation schemes. Costs for submitting commercial energy performance certificates cost five to ten times more than domestic property.

How long does an assessment take and how much does it cost?

The costs for preparing a commercial EPC depend on the type of building, the complexity of the building and the quality of the available information. A relatively modern building with updated layout drawings (plate plans) will be less expensive to assess than an older building with a similar layout for which no record drawings exist. The size of the building is also important, but a large warehouse is not immediately comparable with an office or retail store of comparable size. Due to the large variation in size and complexity of commercial buildings, the survey, modeling times and calculation times may vary.

The process of producing the information needed to perform the calculation is complex and time-consuming and the costs of producing an EPC for the simplest buildings with access to all parts of the property are close to several hundred pounds.

Warning when appointing a commercial energy performer
Do not accept the lowest costs.

Make sure you designate the correct accredited level of commercial energy assessor for the complexity of your building, as there are three accreditation levels for commercial energy assessors. If you instruct the wrong energy assessor, your Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) may be invalid.
Make sure you get a fully independent, tailor-made service to meet your specific requirements.

If you have commercial EPC is used to inform investment decisions, ensure that they have been prepared by a suitably qualified energy assessor accredited by Building Research Establishment, Chartered Institute or Building Services Engineers or by the London Property Inspections.
Make sure you are a diligent recognized energy assessor like us at London Property Inspections (LPI) Ltd. appoints.

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