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London Property Inspections works with gas service technicians across the country to provide a comprehensive gas safety certificate in the UK designed to meet the landlords’ obligations. We use our position as the largest rental agent in the UK to negotiate unbearably low prices for our 131,000 landlords. Try London Property Inspections for all kind of landlord safety certificate. Gas Safety check in UK.

Who must obtain a gas safety certificate (CP12)?

Owners in the United Kingdom with gas appliances and accessories, including central heating, boilers, and flues, must perform an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe engineer. If you are unsure whether the Gas Safety Regulations Act (1998) applies to you, you can find it on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) government website.

However, if you are the landlords, these laws most likely apply to you. You must keep the security verification for two years and provide new tenants with a copy of the certificate before they move and within 28 days of completing a new verification.

Gas safety certificate (CP12)

Single payment of:
£ 39

Gas safety engineer
Digitally accessible certificate
Only £ 15 per extra device
Delivery time of 2 workdays

Boiler service

Single payment:
£ 49

Gas safety engineer
Digitally accessible certificate
Complete boiler service recommended by the manufacturer
Detailed report of the boiler service

Total peace of mind by Gas Safety Certificate

Our services for owners are designed to ensure that you meet your legal obligations quickly, economically and with as little fuss as possible. We only use gas and heating technicians who are registered in the Gas Safe Register, so you can be sure that your property is in the best hands.

If a technician is not available on the required date or time, we will give you a full refund. Our customer service is ready to answer all questions and questions.

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Which gas appliances must be checked?

Your legal obligations as a landlord include every gas appliance that you own and ensure the use of the tenants of your property. If the tenant supplies his own gas appliances, you are responsible for the installation parts and pipes, but not for the appliance itself.

Refer to Rule 36 (3) of the HSE Approved Code of Practice regarding the obligations of owners with regard to security controls for full guidance.

What about the service and maintenance?

HSE regulations make a distinction between gas safety controls and related service and maintenance activities that may need to be performed. As the owner, you have the responsibility to ensure that all appliances (especially boilers), as well as smoke pipes and ducts, always work safely.

We recommend that maintenance be performed every 12 months to ensure correct operation of the devices.

Refer to Rule 36 (2) of the HSE Approved Code of Practice regarding the obligations of owners with regard to the maintenance of pipes, flue ducts and equipment for full guidance.

Is it good to have only one digital record of my gas safety certificate (CP12)?

Yes! It is perfectly acceptable to keep track of your gas inspection electronically and many owners find it much more convenient. When you can produce a hard copy when needed (such as when new tenants move), you keep it safe (that is, it is not removed from your electronic records) and you uniquely identify the engineer (for example with a signature) ), It is absolutely fine to have only one electronic copy. If you share an electronic copy with your tenants, ensure that they first have the means to access it.

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