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Everyone must have their gas safety check regularly by a gas safe registered technician. The engineer can issue a certificate after performing the checks. This document is called a gas safety certificate. Our guide below explains what Gas Safety Records are and who needs them. Try London Property Inspections for all kind of landlord safety certificates at discount prices. We are at number to provide gas safety certificates in UK.

Do I need Gas Safety Certificate Also?

If you are a homeowner

You are required by law to have a gas safety certificate. You still have to have all your gas appliances checked and maintained every year by a Gas Safe registered technician.

Ask your engineer to provide you with documents proving that you have had a gas safety check or have done other work.

If you are a landlord

According to the law, you must undergo a gas safety check every year. This must be done on all gas appliances and installations that you own in each of your properties.

This is a requirement of the Gas Safety Certificate (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. But if a device, such as a stove, is the property of the tenant, the lessor is not legally responsible for having it checked.

The engineer provides the landlord with a gas safety report (previously known as a certificate or a CP12).

The record shows:

A description of each device tested
Results of the safety checks performed on each device
Any safety issues identified during the checks
Any action or work required to ensure safety
Details of the engineer who carried out the checks, their signature and the date of the check
Details of the landlord and the property

If you are a tenant

Your landlord must provide you with a copy of the gas safety report for the home. They must provide each renter with a copy within 28 days of the check.

How do I get a certificate and how much does it cost?

A gas safe registered technician provides a gas safety certificate from the lessor after performing a gas safety check.

Our guide to gas safety checks contains more information, including who may be eligible for a free check.

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