Importance of Gas Safety Check – Try London Property Inspections

Don’t leave it to chance: protect your house and operate your Gas Safety Check on priority bases. Every gas appliance in your home poses a potential risk of producing carbon monoxide (CO), a highly toxic gas that occurs when natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) does not burn as it should. This is the result of a gas appliance that has not been correctly installed, repaired or maintained, or when ventilation openings, fireplaces or chimneys have been blocked. Other risks are gas leaks, fires and explosions, which is why it is so important that all your gas appliances are checked once a year by a London Property Inspections engineer.

We also strongly recommend that you inspect your gas pipeline at the same time as your annual gas safety check. As the owner, it is also legally required to keep the pipes. We know how busy everyday life can be, so we offer a free reminder of gas verification safety at London Property Inspections. Simply register and we will send you a quick text message or e-mail to inform you when it is time for your annual gas safety check.

What is a gas safety check?

The gas safety check may only be carried out by a London Property Inspections technician who will test your gas appliances to ensure that they are safe to continue working in your home.

A safety check of the gas appliance ensures that an appliance:

  • It is correctly adjusted and adjusted so that the gas burns properly
  • It is suitable for the room in which you are located
  • It is physically stable, well installed and correctly connected to the gas line.

Your engineer also takes care of:

  • There is sufficient and permanent air supply suitable for the installed device.
  • All safety devices work correctly.
  • Fireplaces, fireplaces and ventilation openings work correctly.

This can be extended to a complete safety check of the gas installation, where the engineer:

  • Check whether the installation is in good condition by visually inspecting the pipeline as reasonably as possible.
  • Test the gas line to make sure there are no leaks.
  • The CO can enter the buildings through shared vents, so if you live in a home with a fireplace or shared fireplace, make sure that you share the responsibility with other residents so that they are verified annually.

Know the warning signs of Gas Appliances

Note these characters. If you see one of these, you want to have your gas appliance repaired immediately:

  • Your device is not working properly
  • A loose yellow flame instead of a crispy blue
  • Black / brown spots on or around the device
  • The control lamp keeps going out
  • Increased condensation within the windows.

That does not mean that you have to wait for these characters to appear before you book a device service; Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for your gas appliances to find out how often a service is recommended. If you do not have access to this, we recommend an annual service unless your London Property Inspections technician suggests otherwise. While an annual gas safety check will ensure that your gas appliances are working properly, at least one appliance service is what you need from a London Property Inspections technician if you see one of the warning signs that indicate Unsafe appliance.

What is a Gas Appliances service?

A device service includes all the usual steps on a routine gas safety checklist, but your technician will perform a more specific gas device inspection with additional tests as described in the manufacturer’s instructions. These can include:

  • Analysis of combustion exhaust gases to ensure that the device burns gas safely.
  • A verification of the condition of the device, including signs of heat or anxiety, the effectiveness of seals and gaskets, and the cleanliness of heat exchanges.

It is worth noting that your London Property Inspections technician may need to perform additional or other verification, as requirements vary depending on the type and model of the device. A boiler gas safety regulation or service can, for example, differ from a gas boiling safety control or service. Depending on the work they have done, they can give you a gas safety report. This is not a legal requirement, so it is a good idea to contact the engineer’s company before they visit.

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