PAT Test Certificate Cost for UK – What is the Portable Appliance Testing?

The PAT testing cost is an abbreviation for testing portable devices and is the way recognized by companies and businesses to ensure that their electrical equipment is safe for use by their staff and members of the public entering their facilities. The specialized test team performs specific electrical tests on the devices to ensure that it works following recognized safety guidelines. All appliances in commercial premises must be tested and these examinations must be performed by a competent person to do so.

Basic about Electrical PAT Test Cost

This generally means someone who has been trained to perform these tests in a recognized manner and has found themselves competent to perform the test procedures on the devices. A company will hire a engineer to test the devices in their workplace. Then, the engineer will perform a series of tests, visually and using his electrical PAT test equipment, so that the device can be considered safe or dangerous.

The devices that pass the tests and are considered safe will receive a successful label and will be entered in the engineer’s database as they are approved, the elements that do not pass the tests will receive a failed label and entered the database as failed. It will be recommended that these defective items are unsafe until repairs are made or the item is replaced.

PAT Test Certificate Cost

Electrical appliances in commercial premises must be safe for use; The PAT testing cost London is the simplest and most complete way for companies to comply with this legal requirement. However, not all devices must be tested as often as others. Some devices must be tested more frequently because they are in high traffic areas, are used more frequently or in areas where damage is more likely to occur. To determine which devices should be tested more frequently, it is recommended that you perform risk assessments on the devices to determine when a new test should be performed. These risk assessments are performed regularly and are used to establish when a new ideal test should be performed for that particular device and moreover properly inspect land and get Landlord certificate

The role of the electrical PAT test equipment

Portable Appliance Testing equipment is the way electrical safety tests are performed on devices. Without this equipment, these tests could not be performed. The tests performed by the test equipment are grounding test, insulation test, leakage / contact current test and cable and extension tests. In addition to electrical tests, other tests are performed, such as visual inspection, which is also very important to establish any physical problem with the device. The test equipment is varied and its price varies from economical models to more expensive advanced function models. Each model has its advantages and benefits and before deciding what is best for your needs, it is important to determine if a basic, intermediate or advanced model is needed. This will depend on the circumstances and the number of tests that an engineer plans to perform.

PAT Test Certificate Cost

When choosing a tester, it is first important to consider whether a manual or downloadable tester will be needed and if a basic approval/failure test would be appropriate or if something much more advanced is needed. If you cannot decide which PAT testing cost is right for you, contact us on and we will review your requirements with you and help you find the best for your needs.

Who performs the PAT tests?

tests are performed by engineers and professional test technicians. Most people who perform test procedures took a training course on Portable Appliance Testing and passed and obtained a certificate of competence. This Certificate of Competence demonstrates that they can perform tests accurately and safely on the devices and may consider them safe or unsafe to use.

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