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Remember that electrical problems require a fast response time. That is why we have learned the art of always offering quality service. The search for errors is another service that we offer. Our qualified staff can determine your exact electrical problem. Housing inspections in London have encountered and solved numerous problems during our work. Get the best and professional Emergency Electrician Services by London Property Inspections 24 hours a day.

We have sufficient strength to handle large projects with ease. We also work quickly, whether your project is large or small. Our company is where you will find maximum experience at all times.

Storage Heaters

A storage heater stores energy at night when the costs are low and releases it during the day. We fix everything from leaking heaters, broken pilot lights and problematic thermostats.


A powerful, problematic shower can be frustrating when trying to perform sanitary activities such as showering. We solve problems with high pressure showers, such as low water pressure, even when the machine is on or has broken items.

Certificate Test

Are you looking at the certificate of your ownership? The document is required to have it in the UK and the error is therefore punishable by law. Owners who do not have the certificate run the risk of receiving substantial fines.

Safety Alarms

Your security alarm should always work. A security alarm gives a strong signal as soon as it detects intruders on your property. If your security alarm contains false alarms, we can also help resolve the annoying problem.

Repair of Electricity

Electrical emergencies should never wait until normal opening times, because waiting can be a serious accident. Always call an electrician in real time and note that there is an immediate problem with your electricity.

ELECTRIC SERVICES through Inspections Of Real Estate In London

If you need an expert and experienced electrician in the London area. We are emergency services for electricians who respond to all your electrician needs. We have electricians who ensure that they receive service and repair from high quality electricians.

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