Reserve your gas safety check in £29 by London Property Inspections

If you are a rental owner or agent, you must perform a gas safety check annually on all appliances and pipes on your rental property. London Property Inspections services can help you meet this legal requirement by conducting a thorough gas safety check and issuing the owner’s gas certificate (CP12). Reserve your gas check today for £ 29 by London Property Inspections and remain safe from gas appliances.

As Gas Safe engineers, all gas checks are carried out according to strict safety standards, so owners, rental agents and tenants can feel safe and reassured.

London Property Inspections offers a comprehensive gas safety certification service to the people of Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Local, fast and reliable!

Having a qualified engineer review all gas appliances on your property and obtaining gas safety certification is important if you are a landlord.

We can send our own qualified Gas Safe engineer to your London property for testing of your gas appliances. You will receive your gas safety certification if all appliances and accessories meet the standard safety requirements.

So, if you need a gas safety certificate in London, call London Property Inspections at Cardiff 020 3239 0374 to see why we are considered reliable, friendly and safe for gas. Call London Property Inspections today at 020 3239 0374

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