What do You need to Know About Electrical Installation Condition Report?

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a document that is needed to justify a safe electrical system in the house or a building. The EICR report is assessed by a professional engineer or an electrician by checking your wiring quality and all electrical systems in the house. It includes electrical switches and plugs as well and if anything is wrong in the house, then your EICR is unsatisfactory. The document is needed in almost every situation including when tenants are visiting your house. This document will help them to show that the house wiring system is safe and there are no further problems. It tells about whether the electrical system is safe or not. Also, it helps to know if the electric shock exists in this house or not.

Duration of EICR Report?

EICR is necessary to prove that your electrical housing system works perfectly fine. You should get a proper inspection of your house and building to stay away from any danger in the future. The law in the UK for landlords and house owners is to have an EICR report to show their tenants even if they don’t ask for it. You can show this document to them to let them know about the condition of your electrical system. This document has different properties for the duration as it lasts for five years in households and one year for swimming pools. This means you should get your house inspected every 5 years to know about your electrical system condition.

Moreover, if you have a swimming pool in your house or a building, then you should go for the inspection every year. You can carry this document with you when you are buying or selling a property. It will help to let the buyer or seller know about the condition. Also, this report is needed for rental and commercial properties for letting know about the safe electrical system.

Get Your Electrical Installation Condition Report Now:

Safety is important to stay protected from any inconvenience. Whether it is about electrical safety or gas safety, you must know if these systems work perfectly in your house. London Property Inspections can help you by providing an EICR report for your property. Even if your electrical system does not work finely, our professional engineers and electricians can help you inspect the house thoroughly. They will fix and verify the electrical system to let you know about the satisfactory or unsatisfactory electrical system. Get your certificates and documents from London Property Inspections to keep your wiring system safe from any fire and short circuit. Our team cares for your safety and helps landlords by providing them with EICR documents for their rental purpose.