What is an EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report?

A status report of the electrical installation gives you and your tenants peace of mind knowing that the electrical equipment (including accessories, plugs, switches and cables) of your home works properly and does not present a high fire hazard.

The EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report also contains information about the work required to obtain a home with the required standard, to identify electrical installations that do not comply with the IET wiring regulations and to transfer part of the electricity in verify a home that involves a risk of high temperatures or electric shock.

The electrical safety board recommends to EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report at least every ten years, which means that the new legal requirement now imposed on the owners is still as a precaution than the standard professional advice that is accepted.

Your electrician will test the following for the EICR Report:

  • Fuse board or consumption unit
  • Switches, plugs and accessories, including lighting fixtures (an example of this)
  • Installation polarity checks
  • Testing of security equipment to ensure that they still work

Cost of EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report

The costs of the electrical safety certificate vary depending on the size of the house whose electrical installations have been checked for conformity. There are no separate costs associated with the electrical certificate of part p; This must be part of your general budget from the electrician of your choice.

To budget the costs of an electrical inspection in a house that you rent to others, you must reserve the following reference amounts:


Services Price
Landlord electrical certificate (Studio) £99
Landlord electrical certificate (1-2 beds) £129
Landlord electrical certificate (3-4 beds) £149
Commercial electrical certificate £200

The prices offered to us are based on a fuse board of 10 circuits or less; most homes have such safety plates. The above prices are exclusive of VAT. In general you will receive your certificate of conformity within a few days after the test has been performed by e-mail; Paper copies may incur additional costs.

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