The latest Gas Safe Register survey shows that just over half of people (53%) do not have their gas appliances for gas safety check annually, and one in six take no measures to ensure that their homes have safe gas appliances. We have compiled a list of things that all Landlords should know.

  1. Carbon monoxide detectors must be in all properties where a solid fuel combustion device is present.

This includes fires and wood-burning stoves. It is a legal requirement and is really common sense. The law does not apply to gas appliances, but the government is reviewing this. We believe that it is good practice to install carbon monoxide detectors if you have gas appliances. You can get industry-standard alarms for less than £ 30.

  1. A certain degree of flexibility has been introduced in gas safety controls, but these still need to be completed annually.

In April, the government made changes to the gas safety certificate so that the checks can be carried out in the two months prior to the due date, without losing the original due date. This means you don’t have to worry about leaving him at the last minute and fighting to gain access to your property to perform the check. These verification must be completed within 12 months after the installation of a new appliance or fireplace.

  1. Ensure that verification are performed by a qualified Gas Safe technician.

Registered engineers have received training in gas safety and the necessary standards for equipment and facilities. It is illegal to use an unregistered engineer. All technicians have an identification card that you must request. You can also check the registration on London Property Inspection.

  1. Keeping up with paperwork is important.

You must provide your tenants with a copy of the certificate (the “gas safety report from the lessor”) within 28 days after the check is completed. Every new tenant must receive a copy of the most recent certificate before moving. It is better to obtain a tenant confirmation with a signature for your administration. You are required by law to keep a security verification record for at least two years, or if you have used flexible dates as indicated above, at least the two previous records.

  1. Register your devices

By registering your device, you will stay informed of any recall or necessary safety repairs. You can also check the details of any old device that you may have. You may also be entitled to an extended warranty. Visit for more information about Gas Safety Check