PAT Testing

PAT stands for portable appliance testing, a procedure in which electrical portable appliances are tested/inspected by a certified electrician registered with a body e.g. NICEIC or NAPIT.


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Residential PAT Testing

Price based on the number of items in a property
Below prices are all tax inclusive
  • 1-10 items £59.00
  • 11-20 items £79.00
  • 21-40 items £99.00

Commercial PAT Testing

Price based on the number of items in a property
Below prices are all tax inclusive
  • 1-10 items - £79.00
  • 11-20 items £99.00
  • 21-30 items £119.00
  • Any extra item £2.00 each

Which appliances are tested under PAT Testing?

Any equipment which has electrical cable and plug connected to a wall socket or generator required pat testing.

In residential properties equipment is tested e.g. toaster, oven, fridge, washing machine, Kettle and Lamp etc.

In commercial properties equipment is tested e.g. laptop, monitor, printer, photocopier and drills etc. Please contact us to know more if your appliance require testing or not.

Who needs PAT Testing?

PAT testing is carried out on rented accommodations annually to make sure that electrical appliances that are being left for a tenant are safe to use and also protect the landlord against the consumer protection action (1987) and the electrical equipment act (1994).

What happens during and after PAT Testing?

When the engineer is in the property conducting the test he/she will apply either stickers on all of the appliances confirming they have been tested and safe to use or you landlord will also receive a pat report confirming what has been tested and if the item is safe for use or not.

Frequently asked questions

Pat testing is valid for 1 year.

London Property Inspections can carry out pat testing within 24 hours if customer need pat testing on urgent basis. Sometimes we carry out an pat testing on the same day.

Pat report is provided within 24-48 hours after the inspection is done. We can also provide report on the same day if customer request us.

All of our engineers (contractors) are registered with NICEIC, NAPIT AND ECA. Registration number of engineers is provided to customer for verification purposes prior to the inspection

PAT Report is provided in digital format (pdf) via email. You can also download it from our website.

Electrician will put fail sticker on appliance and he will cut out the plug for future use unless the appliance is fixed.