Gas Safety Check

Gas safety check is very important responsibility and duty of landlords prior renting out the property to make sure every appliance which runs on gas and pipework is safe to use and will not cause any danger to its occupants/tenants.

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Gas Safety Certificate Cost

Safety check on gas appliances ensures:

  • appliances are properly fixed and set to avoid incorrect burning of gas
  • appliances are installed to their suitable location
  • appliances are securely installed and correctly connected to the gas pipework

Gas safe engineer makes sure:

  • appliances are fitted on the right location where there is permanent and proper air supply is available suitable for appliances
  • safety devices of each appliance are working properly
  • flues, chimneys and air vents are working correctly
  • pipework is in good working condition by visually inspecting it and test it to check there is no gas leakage

We have partnered with qualified and insured engineers who are registered with NICEIC, NAPIT, Part P, City & Guilds and Gas Safe Register.

Using Unsafe Gas Appliances may cause:

Gas Leakage – Fires or explosions can occur in a property if there is a gas leakage. If you smell gas leak in your property then call your emergency service provider.

Fires or Explosions – Faulty appliances or pipe work may leak gas which can be ignited and can cause fires or explosions. Safe appliances burn gas in a controlled and proper way.

Carbon Monoxide Leakage – Using unsafe gas appliances may produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas. Any of your home gas appliances may produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas, which is very dangerous, poisonous and silent killer because it does not have any smell or taste and in few minutes it can take residents life if gas safety check is not done. Carbon Monoxide gas is produced if gas appliances are not properly installed, repaired or maintained or the gas vents, flues or chimneys are blocked.

CO can also make its way to the property via shared vents and chimneys, please make sure to share the duty with other residents to get these inspected on annual basis.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Landlord gas safety certificate is issued upon completion of the gas safety check done by a gas safe registered engineer. He will issue you one page document called Gas Safety Certificate showing details of all inspected gas appliances by marking tick safe to use or not for each appliance and status of Gas Safety Certificate either Safe or Unsafe will be shown on the bottom of Gas Safety Certificate. If unsafe certificate is issued, you will have to get the remedial work done advised by the engineer. You do not need to do anything if you are issued a gas safety certificate with safe status. You need to provide a copy of certificate to each tenants and keep one copy with you for records. You can’t rent out your property without providing pass gas safety certificate to your tenants.