A boiler service is a combination of visual checks and practical tests that a Gas Safe registered engineer carries out on the boiler to keep it working efficiently throughout the year. Getting boiler serviced on regular basis (yearly) is much better rather than spending money on repairs after 3 or 4 years. Some people do not get the boiler serviced and after 3 to 4 years boiler require repair cost. If you get your boiler serviced on annual basis then there are 99% chances boiler do not require repair after 3 to 4 years.


You should have knowledge what checks are included in the boiler service because purpose of the boiler service is to stop boiler breaking and saving money by avoiding costly repairs. Below is the list of checks:

  • Visual checks of the boiler condition and flame
  • Checks on internal and external flue
  • Checking the working pressure and input heat
  • Checks on safety devices
  • Check on the seal of case for an efficient seal
  • Remove boiler casing to check all major parts (burner, heat exchanger, injector and spark)
  • Boiler parts cleaned if required
  • Report showing things done by engineer


Normally, companies are charging for boiler service from £80 to £150 depends upon the area but our price for boiler service is £100 only regardless in which area you need service. We cover whole London and M25 areas and our rate is flat £100.  


Our special offer for Londoners is £139 for both if you buy boiler service with gas safety certificate. It saves your £20 – £30 and our engineer are qualified with extensive experience in gas industry. Our priority is the satisfaction of customers instead of making money.


Boiler can be broken due to several issues but there are three common boiler issues which we will highlight in this article

Always take help at first from your boiler’s manual comes with your boiler. Boiler menu has all the information about boiler error codes and solution to rectify the faults. If you can’t find menu, you can also download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Check the validity of boiler’s warranty if your boiler is not working correctly or showing errors because manufacturers provide parts and labour warranty for up to 1 to 2 years after installation of the boiler.

Most of the major boiler faults can’t be sorted out by a layman and you need to hire a competent heating person, especially, where the matter is to remove the casing of boiler which is very dangerous to deal with for a layman. There are some common boiler issues which can be sorted out by an experienced DIYer and it saves your money hiring costly heating engineer.


It is normal for a condensate pipe of a boiler to get frozen in the cold season and once the condensate pipe is frozen, your boiler shuts down itself automatically for safety reasons and it stops working. Before you call an engineer to check the boiler, you should have a look on condensate pipe to verify it is frozen or not. If frozen, you can take steps to defrost it by yourself.

Make sure your boiler’s condensate pipe is insulated correctly with a foam because it prevents the pipe from freezing.


Boiler can lose pressure due to several reasons but most common reasons are below:

Heating is off for a long time and it lost pressure.
You recently bled radiators of your boiler and system has lost pressure

Before you spend call out charge money by hiring an engineer, try yourself to regain the pressure of a boiler by simply opening the filling loop taps on top of your boiler. Once you gain required pressure (normally one bar), do not forget to close the taps and your boiler should start working again.

If above method doesn’t work, please call a gas safe registered engineer to sort out the issue.


Old and consumed washers can be the reason of water leakage from the boiler. Do not try to replace washers by yourself. Always call a competent person to do it.


We have partnered with qualified and insured engineers who are reigstered with NICEIC, NAPIT, Part P, City & Guilds and Gas Safe Register.