Sellers must provide an EPC to potential buyers. They can be a useful guide to the energy efficiency of a home, but they should not be viewed as a gospel. London Property Inspections is the leading name in providing all kind of landlord safety certificates including EPC Certificate London.

What is an EPC?

It is a standardized document that classifies properties in terms of energy efficiency and that home sellers must provide to potential buyers.

EPCs contain information about energy consumption and property costs, as well as recommendations to make it more efficient and cheaper. The properties are classified from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient. From April 2018, objects classified as F or G cannot be rented. As such, a rating will be especially important for homeowners who want to buy property for rent.

Sellers in London must provide a more comprehensive “home report” that includes an EPC, a survey, and a property questionnaire.

Do I have to let an EPC decide if he wants to buy a property?

It is useful to know how energy efficient a property is before you buy it, and an EPC indicates some inefficiencies that can be expensive, as well as how much you can expect to pay to repair them.

But EPCs should not be taken too seriously: the assessment does not take into account the number of people living on the property and the advisers do not have access to energy bills.

How thorough is the energy assessment?

Evaporators cannot be invasive when conducting a survey. This means, for example, that he or she cannot drill into walls or ceilings to determine the state of insulation or even if the building is insulated. That’s why consultants often have to assume or follow the worst of what the owner tells them.

Do all properties have one?

EPC is not required for monumental buildings. This is because improvements such as double glazing are often prohibited because they require structural changes. Can I keep and use the EPC that the seller gives me if I decide to sell it?

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