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Engineer checking a gas boiler
Gas safety checks for rental properties and landlords

If you live in a rental home, it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that an annual gas safety check is performed. When you rent property, you must ensure that you are aware of your obligations towards your tenants with regard to gas safety checks, carbon monoxide and the gas safety certificate of the lessor. For more information, visit our section on security for landlords.

Which devices must be checked for gas safety?

Devices that must be checked every year include:

Boilers or circulatory
Warm air heaters
Independent space heaters
Stoves and chimneys
Ventilated and unventilated hot water storage vessels
Devices for micro-co-generation

For your own safety, you may only use gas appliances in accordance with their user instructions. You may never work on it yourself or do anything that affects the gas supply.
How to check if devices are unsafe

If you see one of the following, it may indicate that the device is not working properly:

The indicator light blows out regularly
Smoke comes out of your devices
Soot or yellow / brown spots on or around your devices
Excessive condensation in the room where the device is installed
An orange or yellow flame in your gas fire – it must have a clear blue color

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