On October 25, 2019, Articles 122 and 123 of the 2016 Housing and Planning Act (electrical safety standards) entered into force. It is therefore assumed that we are not far from the introduction of mandatory electrical safety checks in the private sector rented in England: the government has said that the new regulations requiring owners to have Electrical installation Condition Report in private rental homes every five years introduced “as soon as parliamentary time permits”.

Regardless of this, as the owner, it is your legal duty to ensure that all electrical equipment on your property is safe and maintained during the rental period. This responsibility relates to items such as lamps and plugs, as well as internal wiring.

An electrical installation includes all fixed electrical equipment that is supplied via the electricity meter of your home. Electrical installation Condition Report, like many other things, deteriorate over time and wear to the face, so they must be properly maintained.

Otherwise it can be prosecuted and invalidate your homeowner’s insurance policy. For the safety of your tenants it is therefore important to regularly check your electrical installation and we can organize an electrical installation conditions report (EICR) for you.

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