Having the boiler repaired is one of those boring jobs that we often forget to do, but in fact it should be a priority for everyone because defective boilers can be deadly. An annual gas safety check does not cost much and can literally save your life. It is not only necessary for older boilers: a gas safety check will also tell you whether a boiler is installed correctly in the first place.

Everyone has heard tragic stories in the news about people who died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from a defective boiler. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer: you cannot smell or see it, but if your boiler has not recently been checked by a registered professional, you may emit smoke without your knowledge.

The reason why carbon monoxide poisoning has such a high death rate is that people are overcome by sleepiness and fainting before they realize that something is wrong and before they can do something about it. . Moreover, poisoning often takes place at night, so that people are overcome while they sleep and never wake up. That is why obtaining gas safety control is such an important task for homeowners.

It is easy to ask a registered gas safety engineer to perform a complete safety check for you, usually every 12 months, and to issue a gas safety certificate. This process is a legal requirement for homeowners who must perform annual gas safety checks by the landlord to protect their tenants. It is not long before a qualified technician has performed your tests and issued a certificate.

For more peace of mind between the controls, a carbon monoxide detector must be installed near the boiler. These are small and cheap and give an alarm, such as a smoke detector. There are also some basic preventive actions that you can take yourself, as well as regular gas safety checks. For example, ensure that the boiler is well ventilated, so keep vegetation away from the flue and do not place anything on or over the boiler.

If something goes wrong with your boiler, do not wait until the next gas safety check has it checked. There may be a problem that needs to be resolved immediately. Note, for example, the color of the pilot flame: it must be blue, not yellow or orange. There should also be no soot around the boiler. Both things indicate that there is not enough oxygen in the device to burn fuel efficiently, and this is one of the major causes of carbon monoxide emissions.

He now knows why regular gas safety checks are so important and what can happen if they are not carried out. Receive a reservation now!

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