EPC Stands for Energy Performance Certificate. Many commercial buildings in the UK require an energy performance certificate when it is built, sold or rented out. This EPC is displayed in the same way as that of a home, with the energy rating on an A-G scale. Just like with a domestic EPC, a commercial EPC is valid for 10 years. For Economic EPC Cost in UK try London Property Inspections for best services.

When is a commercial EPC required?

Once a building is offered for sale or for rent, it is the responsibility of the seller or owner (i.e. the relevant person) to make an EPC freely available to every potential buyer or tenant. The seller or lessor must provide the EPC as quickly as possible.

Before a building is placed on the market, the seller or lessor must order an EPC Certificate London for the building. You can receive a fine of £ 500 to £ 5,000 depending on the taxable value of the building if you do not make an EPC available to a potential buyer or tenant.

How does a consultant perform a EPC?

The energy consultant will develop his own floor plans or need plans. They will then conduct a study that includes all thermal elements in the building, including heating, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning, as well as the structure of the building.

This information is then entered into the simplified model of SBEM Construction Energy. It is design software that is used to calculate the energy efficiency of the building.
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