What is a CP12 and what are the security controls of the owner? As a landlord you must verify all rental properties, but it is not always clear what these checks include. According to the law, owners must have CP12 Gas Safety Certificate and annual gas safety check must be carried out. Although this may seem confusing, keep reading and this information becomes more and more logical!

What is a CP12?

Gas safety certificates / documents are commonly referred to as CP12 certificates. CP12 = CORGI Proforma 12

This refers to when CORGI was the UK’s leading gas safety agency. CORGI has been replaced by the gas safety report, but the name “CP12” has remained the same. Gas engineers had to be registered with CORGI before 2009, while they must now be in the Gas Safe register.

So what are the gas safety certificates of the owner?

The CP12 certificates, the owner’s gas safety certificates, the CP12 forms and the gas safety data are the same and have the same requirements.

By law, all landlords must have all gas appliances checked annually to ensure that they are safe and efficient. Once these checks have been carried out, you will receive a CP12 certificate stating that your gas appliances have been verified by a gas safety engineer in the last 12 months.

New tenants must receive a copy of the certificate before they withdraw and must be given to existing tenants 28 days after completion. The certificates contain the results of the annual gas safety check that have been carried out on all gas appliances in the home. In addition to this, tenants must receive details of any action taken to resolve any issues.

– CP12 certificates can only be legally issued by a gas safety engineer.

– You must keep all of your previous CP12, as you will need them for at least two years after the year of issue.

Should carbon monoxide alarms be given for gas safety?

Yes, as a lessor you must provide proven carbon monoxide alarms that work fully in any room that is used as a home with solid fuel. Examples of this are a wood stove, a wood stove, a gas fireplace or a fireplace. A decorative and unusable open fire is not eligible.

A brief summary of the gas safety responsibilities of the owner

Only allow registered gas-tight engineers to install or work on a gas appliance

Have registered gas safety engineers only carry out the annual gas safety check on all gas appliances in the house

Give existing tenants a copy of CP12 within 28 days after the check / copy of CP12 before they move

Show tenants how they can switch off gas from the network and what they should do in an emergency

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