If you want to sell your house but can’t find your Gas Safety certificate, don’t panic. It is not a legal requirement to provide a gas safety certificate when selling the property. However, you may experience problems if the potential buyer requests a copy of the certificate. They can even choose to withdraw from the sale if there is none. Although this is unlikely, you may want to obtain a replacement gas certificate in case. Read on to find out how you can get a replacement. If you as a landlord rent the property, you must submit a certificate for the past 12 months. This is a regulation under the Gas Safety Regulations of 1998.

How to obtain a gas safety certificate

You can obtain a gas safety certificate by making an appointment with a registered Gas Safe engineer. These engineers are approved by the Gas Safe Register and can legally perform the type of work that is required. Check the installer’s identification card to make sure it is registered with Gas Safe, otherwise the work may not be legal. You can also check whether your technician is fully registered with the Gas Safe Search facility.

After the artifact (s) have been verified and considered legally safe, the engineer can send you a certificate.

Keep the certificate in a safe place or pass it on to your tenants.

If you need a gas safety certificate, you can contact a registered Gas Safe technician who can help you with your question.

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