Finding a tenant for your house and handing your keys over to them aren’t the only parts of the rental process. You are legally compelled to present your tenants with certain important pieces of information. And these come in the form of documents and certificates. These certificates enable you to conduct any form of property inspection or take safety precautions for your tenants. However obtaining these certificates can be a thorough process. But with the right company ready to help you, you can get them pretty easily. Let us go over this in greater depth.

What is an EICR certificate?

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is used to identify defects, degeneration, hazards, and/or factors that may signal possible hazards, as well as make recommendations for repair within a particular asset. EICR Certificate is required:

But like everything else, there is also a cost for this certificate to be made. So what an EICR certificate cost?

Getting an EICR certificate made

A trained and efficient engineer will come at your property and conduct the electrical inspection report once you’ve scheduled a day and time. Seeing the number of circuits to be analyzed, an EICR test might take somewhere from one to five hours to conduct. EICR certificates can get ready in 48 hours! That means you’ll have your certificate within 48 hours after passing the test. This will include details on the overall condition of every electrical system and fitting in the home, as well as their safety. The average EICR certificate cost can be anything from £89-£149. Now the question arises as to where you can get one made right? Well, no need to worry because there is just the perfect company available for that.

London Property Inspection –Get our help

As a landlord, our staff at London Property Inspection is prepared to offer you with all of the necessary permits and certificates. We provide a variety of certifications especially EICR certification. We provide that at cheap rates and can issue it for you in under no time at all.  You can choose from a variety of services so that we can provide the best to all our clients. The following is a list of the services provided by our company: