Whether it is a household or commercial property, there are many occasions when it is necessary to obtain an energy efficiency certificate (EPC Certificate London). This task is normally performed by a person known as an Energy Performance Advisor. What can be expected during such an inspection?

If you need a commercial EPC in London or the surrounding regions, it is a good idea to quickly see how the evaluation will be conducted, as well as what the expert will look for during your stay.

Unlike the services related to a plumber or an electrician, an EPC consultant will evaluate the energy efficiency of the entire property.

All rooms are carefully examined, including cellars and lofts (if present). One of the most important statistics that this person will measure is the insulation of the property.

Lower levels of thermal efficiency (such as single glass windows or a poorly insulated attic) will damage the overall EPC score, so it may be useful to update these areas before the inspection is performed.
Devices and lighting

Boilers, heating systems, pipes and similar variables will also be taken into account during a commercial EPC in London. Outdated systems will be penalized for their lack of efficiency; especially when it comes to units such as electric heaters that require a lot of energy to work.

The same applies to light bulbs. That is why energy-saving alternatives such as LED lighting are recommended.
The same score

An EPC score will be provided as soon as the first examination is completed. This implies a scale defined by letters from A to G. Obtaining an “A” means that the property is extremely energy efficient.

Scores between an “F” and a “G” dictate that improvements will be needed.

If you are curious about how you can prepare for one of these surveys or plan an evaluation, please contact one of our professionals.

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