The Gas Safety Certificate Cost depend on the following factors:

Location. Where you are, often determines the price of your gas safety check. Normally London is more expensive than other places in the country.

How many properties do you have? Some Gas Safe engineers offer an agreement if you have multiple properties that need to be verified.

If you have coverage for your own boilers, such as the one offered by London Property Inspections, the Gas Safety Certificate Cost of your annual security checks are included in your monthly premium.

If you do not have a boiler lid from the owner, a single gas safety check can cost between £ 29 and £ 129. It is better to shop around if you are looking for a good company, but do not forget to check the references of anyone who offers to perform gas safety checks. If they are much cheaper than competitors, you must verify your gas safety ID in advance.

What happens if I don’t have Gas Safety Certificate?

Gas safety certificates are required by law. If you rent a home that does not have a valid gas safety certificate, you risk a fine and even imprisonment.

What happens if I don’t have access to my property?

If a tenant has problems for any reason and does not allow access to the home for gas safety check, they must take all reasonable steps to gain access. Gas safety is the landlord’s responsibility, so you cannot just give up if the tenant refuses access.

You must notify your tenant 24 hours in advance and accept the inspection before you can enter the property. If the tenant refuses access, you must keep trying. In the rare case that your tenant does not allow access to the property, consider the following steps:

Send a strongly formulated letter to your tenant explaining why you need access to the property and what security measures this entails. Send the letter by registered post and then give the tenant 14 days to respond. You can try this up to three times before taking the next step.

Contact your municipality and ask if they can explain to the tenant why gas safety checks are required. Often hearing this from someone “officially” will encourage the tenant to allow access.