This guide covers everything you need to know about the landlord’s gas safety certificate cost, including check, what should be included in this check, how often you need one and what you should do if a tenant refuses entry.

How much does a gas safety certificate cost for the landlord?

Expect to pay around £ 29 to 129 for a landlord’s gas safety certificate. This price includes one device (i.e., a gas boiler). The gas safety certificate cost increase for every additional gas appliance in the home (for example a gas fire or hob).

Are there discounts available for multiple properties?

If you own a property portfolio or manage a rental agent, it is likely that you can negotiate a better rate. Expect to negotiate a deal between 10-20% of the property costs, for 10+ properties per year.

How much does extra device cost control?

Expect to add around 30% for each additional device to be included in your landlord’s gas safety check. So that would be around gas safety certificate cost £ 29 for a boiler, £ 59 for a boiler and stove, and around £ 39 for a boiler, stove, and gas fire.

Do national companies cost more than local installers?

£ 60 is just a ballpark figure. A local installation program is likely to charge £ 40-65 for a single device. When looking at obtaining gas safety certificates from the lessor of national boiler installation companies, the price is likely to rise quickly. A standard check for a single gas boiler can go up to £ 80, with a check for 3 devices and a certificate cost in the range of £ 120-130.

Which devices need to be checked?

If you are a landlord or rental agent, ALL gas appliances must be checked and included in the gas safety certificate cost. This is not a recommendation, this is a legality. Correct adjustment and combustion of gas

Your gas safety check does not include maintenance or repairs. If there is a problem with a device or pipes that supply that device, this must be corrected. And the engineer will solve any problems, but at an additional gas safety certificate cost for CP12.

Do you have to use the service team of a boiler manufacturer?

Although people like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, and Ideal have their own boiler maintenance teams who can complete a gas certificate from the lessor, it is not legal that you use one of their teams. The only thing you have to do is that the boiler technician you use is qualified to work on gas appliances and is registered with Gas Safe. If you have received a quotation from a company for gas work, you can view their references in the Gas Safe register by searching for their Gas Safe number or company name.

When do you legally need a gas safety certificate cost?

You must ensure that you perform a gas safety check on all rental properties every 12 months. After 12 months, any previous gas safety check will become invalid.

And there is a big problem that many landlords face. What happens if your gas safety certificate expires but your tenant does not give you access to the property?

What happens if a tenant does not allow access to a gas safety check?

Always schedule a gas safety check well before the expiration date. You are legally obliged to have a certificate produced every year, but that does not give you automatic access to your property if your tenant refuses. If you suspect a tenant problem, the first thing you should do is contact a lawyer. According to the Gas Safe register you cannot force the access, but you must prove that you have multiple documented attempts to gain access to the property (at least 3 times) 10-12 months before the gas safety certificate cost is due.

Am I responsible If my tenant installs gas appliances?

You are not responsible for gas safety checks on gas appliances, smoke ducts or chimneys installed by your tenant or their appliances. “Landlords are not responsible for safety checks on gas appliances owned by the tenant or for smoke ducts that connect exclusively to tenants’ own gas appliances.” – Gas Safe Register

Do you need a gas safety certificate when selling/buying an apartment or house?

By law, homeowners are NOT required to provide a new security certificate to the new owner. As a buyer, you, therefore, do not know whether the property is gas safe until it has been checked. However, most sellers are willing to organize a gas safety certificate, assuming the buyer pays the bill. Since these certificates cost around £ 60 and can mark problems with a heating system that could cost £ 4,000 to replace, it is worth the money and moreover properly inspect gas system and get gas safety certificate.

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