Summer is coming to an end (sigh) and it won’t be long before we all turn on the heating. It is of course inevitable that when we all turn on our boilers on October 1 (apparently this is the most popular day to turn the switch on), there are many broken boilers that need to be repaired.

We cannot predict the weather, but we know that every year, when the cold weather arrives, we receive an influx of emergency repairs from the boiler if the boilers do not switch on after their summer dream. Don’t become one of our statistics! Overcome the crowds and get a gas safety check and services before the big freeze arrives and your boiler disappoints you!

Gas safety check for UK Landlords

How to repair your boiler

Boilers must be checked annually. A gas safety check regulation not only means that you can switch on your heating with confidence this winter, but your boiler also works with optimum efficiency, which means you can save money on your energy bills.

It’s not just about saving money and staying warm, a simple 30-minute security check can be a matter of life or death. Uncontrolled boilers can leak toxic CO2 gas, which is invisible and odorless. Every year 50 people die from accidental carbon monoxide and many more are seriously ill, and the most common culprit is guessed by: defective boilers.

Stay protected against gas

The Gas Safe Register replaced Corgi as the British gas safety certificate plan. Under this regulation, it is a legal requirement that everyone who works with gas appliances, such as boilers, must be registered. We use this system to ensure that every trader who purchases gas service options from our service is registered gas safe, but we always recommend that you check that your gas engineer has an identification card for a gas safe register.

Every trader who is registered in the plan will be happy to show you his card with his registration number, which you can check online here. When the gas engineer shows you the card, you must verify the following:

  1. The photo
  2. The start date and the expiry date.
  3. The engineer’s individual registration number engraved on the top and center of the card
  4. The Gas Safe security hologram on the bottom of the card

Check your safety ratings on the back of the card to see if the technician is qualified to do his job

It is always better to prevent gas than to be sorry, so always check the identity card.

Is it time for the gas safety check and boiler service of your house? Find a qualified heating engineer, researched and recommended by publishing your work in Qualified Persons.

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