It is not a shocking statistic or an unlikely trend, but it seems that British owners will never learn when it comes to boiler failures. Last year the work on the boiler more than doubled between August and October. We were not surprised, it happens every year when the temperature drops and everyone turns on the heating.

This is great news for our heating engineers, but it is not great news for landlords who no longer had heating or hot water pending the repair of their boilers. 14-20 September 2020 is the national gas safety week that aims to raise awareness about home gas safety check and is a warning for those who have not yet organized their annual assessment of the boiler.

In general, the British weather is unpredictable and it was no different last fall. At the beginning of October we enjoy an Indian summer with temperatures of 30 degrees. This meant that the large inflammation occurred later than normal during the third week of October. We know this because it was our busiest week for boiler-related jobs in 2019, we were flooded!

The technique of “waiting for me to turn it on” is popular in times of austerity, while we wait and pray that our old boilers light up again. And if they don’t, he rushes to a heating engineer. To prevent the emergency and expensive emergency repair work, your boiler must be repaired before the cold weather arrives. This way you know that the boiler works well and safely when you turn on the heating.

Only registered engineers with gas safety check can legally work with gas, when it comes to gas appliances, do-it-yourself should not even be a consideration. The costs for a routine boiler check vary from £ 29 to £ 129. Before you hire a trader to work with gas at home, you must ensure that they are securely registered. Request to see your gas safety registration identification card with your identification number at the top of the card and engraved in the middle. You can verify the gas safety record of a trader registered here.

London Property Inspections “we strongly recommend that you check your boiler annually. A routine service usually costs between £ 29 and £ 129 and can save you money in the long run. However, it is worth noting that even if you have checked your gas appliances, your neighbors may not have done so. The gas can drip from the neighbors’ defective devices through chimneys or through attic rooms in terraced houses, so I recommend installing an alarm because you cannot see or smell carbon monoxide.

“If you are concerned, an easy and quick way to check if your boiler is in the risk zone is to verify your flame. If it is clear blue, it is healthy, if it is yellow or orange; it is time to to call a heating engineer to check. ”

The 4 most important reasons for carrying out maintenance work on your boiler

  1. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your boiler, so you do not have to replace your boiler with negligence
  2. Defective gas boilers can be dangerous and can cause fire, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  3. Annual adjustments ensure that your boiler operates at its optimum efficiency to keep your energy bills low
  4. Plan an annual service to save money on unnecessary costs for emergency calls.

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