Are you a landlord? Do you own a house that you are thinking about giving on rent or one that you have just recently given on rent? Then it is certain that you get landlord certificates made. There are a number of certificates for landlords, especially in UK. All of these certificates have their own purpose and are used for different reasons all around. These certificates allow you to carry on with any type of property inspection or be able to take safety measures for your tenants. But where can you get these certificates from? And how many different types of landlord certificates are there? Let us talk about this in further detail.

Different landlord certificates and their uses

There just isn’t a single certificate that you can make as a landlord. There are a number of certificates and each of them has their own uses. These different landlord certificates give you different privileges for your tenants’ well-being further down the road.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate):

If you own this certificate as a landlord, it means that your rented house will be rated as energy efficient. This makes it easier for your tenants to determine the monthly cost of the energy and power usage of the house.

Gas Safety Certificate:

The gas safety certificate gives your tenants a safety check. This means that the safety of the gas powers in your house have been considered safe and have been thoroughly checked. Annual check of your house’s gas safety needs to be done by professionals. This is one of the most important landlord certificates that you need to acquire.

Fire Safety Risk Assessment:

This ensures the safety and well-being of your tenants by providing them with a smoke alarm in case anything goes wrong in the future. At the start of the tenancy, it is up to the landlord to check up on each of these smoke alarms. If his rented house has more than 1 floor, he needs to get each smoke alarm checked to make certain that they are working properly.

Electrical Safety Certificate:

This inspection revolves around the checking of the electricity system of the house. This includes checking out the lights, plugs, fuse boxes, and extractors. This is also one of the most important landlord certificates since electricity is one of the direst needs of tenants once they move into a rented house.

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