EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. It resembles the sticker we get when we buy a new electronic equipment or appliance which gives us details about the amount of energy which it will be using. EPC is a legal certificate which gives you a brief description about how much energy is efficiently being used in your building. Usually an authorized domestic energy monitor will give you an EPC Certificate London you can also get it with the help of different agencies and companies.

Why do you need an EPC Certificate?

On 1st October 2008 EPC became a requirement for renting out or selling your property and building in London. The main purpose to make Energy Performance Certificate a legal requirement was to get details about the electricity being used in the particular building and get a better understanding about energy usage.

Who needs an EPC?

What EPC Represents

EPC contains brief information about how efficiently the energy is being used in your property. EPC contains information about:

This part of the certificate will tell you how much energy you are using efficiently in your building. It has a scale from A to G in which A represents that your building is very energy efficient having lower charges while G shows that your building is not energy efficient having high charges.

This section will give you details about how much your building has an impact on carbon dioxide in the environment or how your energy usage is impacting your environment. This section also possesses scale from A to G, here A represents that your property has lower impact on environmental carbon dioxide and is very environmentally friendly while the other shows that your building is not environmentally friendly.

This section of the certificate is dedicated to show you the estimated average cost of the energy which is being used at your home for hot water, heating, lighting and energy used for other purposes. These assumptions are made on the geographical location of your building, heating patterns you are using and the occupancy to use energy.

 Get your EPC with London Property Inspections

With London property inspections you can get your energy performance certificate easily and effectively with a price as low as £69 up to £250 depending on the area of your property and the type of EPC you want, be it residential EPC or commercial EPC. Moreover, our company is registered with SAT so that your property is inspected according to the criteria of EPC. We will make sure that you get your EPC on the same day of inspection. Our team of professional engineers has experience and knowledge about the field; they will make sure your property is examined correctly.

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