The PAT Testing cost may vary, but a reasonable general rule to use when considering how to contact a professional PAT testing company is that they charge between £ 59 and £ 139 for each device tested. However, it can be assumed that if your organization has several devices for testing, the cost of the device will generally be at the lowest level of the spectrum due to the large amount. Some companies will be costs slightly below £ 1 per unit, but it is likely that they also have a minimum integrated amount of devices that need to be tested, or a minimum fee, such as 50 portable devices.

Many accredited PAT Testing organizations also offer various services depending on what people need. For example, owners may be interested in a test program that is not a large multinational corporation, but each of them still needs to PAT testing cost is very low due to Christmas offer to make sure all of their portable electronic devices are safe.

The cost involves a lot of work besides trying PAT Testing. Many professional testing companies will include several additional benefits beyond the simple tests of each device. Such cost will often include things like reconnecting the plug, visual inspection and replacing fuses. Cube and fault tags will also be included in the cost. In addition, many PAT test companies will also provide the company with a PAT test certificate to show that the company meets and creates a safe work environment.

And many supervisors may be happy to know that their PAT test engineer can also provide them with a set of computerized data sets on their portable devices. This includes all test results, as well as a list of all portable devices, broken down by special serial numbers, allowing more efficient and effective monitoring in the future and regularly do electrical pat test.

Pat Testing Cost in UK

Most companies try to comply with PAT test rules and regularly test their portable devices. If you are new to this test, you may wonder about the cost of the PAT test. As a general rule, the cost you will have to pay will depend on how many devices you need to test. Most PAT test companies charge a fee from the device, while others charge an hour. The cost of trying PAT is worth it, given the consequences if you don’t follow the rules. To know exactly how much your Pat testing costs, you must provide the PAT test company with the number of portable devices you need to test.


Services Price
Residential PAT testing (1-20 items) £59
Residential PAT testing (20-40 items) £79
Commercial PAT testing (1-20 items) £79
Commercial PAT testing (20-40 items) £109
Commercial PAT testing (40-60 items) £139

Of course, the more portable devices you have, the higher the overall cost of your PAT tests. If you only have 10 small devices that you need to test, you can expect to pay the standard cost of the call to test PAT. There are several companies that charge a fixed Pat testing cost for up to 100 devices.

To determine how much the Pat testing costs, you also need to know which devices should be tested. Portable devices are any device to which a plug is connected and inserted into an outlet. Any computer, monitor, printer, kettle, wires, cables and other similar items should be checked. When contacting a company about the cost of PAT tests, you should have a clear idea of ​​how many devices you need to test. If you need an accurate quote, be sure to provide an accurate evaluation of the accessories. If you deliver a total number of devices that exceed what you have, you may receive an inflated rate for these services. If you deliver less than what you have, the company can leave without properly verifying all of your equipment.

Your actual pat testing cost will depend on the company that uses the most. Different companies may offer different cost and different incentives to grow your business. Take some time to research the companies that offer this service and choose the one that offers the cost you can live with, as well as other benefits.

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