It can vary depending on how many gas appliances have to be checked, and also the location. Prices generally range from £ 29 to £ 129. In my experience, the price largely depends on the location (ie London is often more expensive). My most recent Gas Safety Certificate Cost £ 29. The property is based on the basis of London and the devices that were assessed were a gas boiler and a gas oven / stove.

It is always better to shop around. I received an initial offer of £ 80, which was clearly a bit expensive. To say it well, I know that many owners like to keep their hands firmly in their pockets. However, this is an edition that I do not want to avoid, because the consequences are too great. Then I found London Property Inspections, number 1 source for the gas safety certificate at low prices.

What happens if I don’t have a gas safety certificate?

As mentioned, gas safety certificate is a legal requirement, so not performing a gas safety verification can mean that you provide unsafe property, which can lead to financial penalties and even imprisonment.

My tenant does not give me access to the property. What should I do?

Gas safety is a very serious matter, so it is up to the landlord to ensure that “all reasonable steps” have been taken to get the job done.

You must notify your tenant at least 24 hours in advance and accept the gas safety inspection before you or anyone else can enter the premises and do the work. However, if the tenant refuses access (for whatever reason), it is important that you continue to try. So what are reasonable steps? According to Tessa Shepherdson of Landlord Law, she advises to do the following:

Make your three letters really powerful to make your tenant think twice before you refuse to let him in (I suppose this means that 3 separate letters are sent, 14 days can be answered to each answer before the next one is sent) . Although Tessa does not mention it, I would also recommend sending registered delivery letters, so there is a record.

Ask someone “officially”, for example someone from the Council, to talk to his tenants and explain that it is really necessary that not only the owner is intrusive

Consider eviction under section 21 (if you can), or if this is not possible

Request for a court order.

Only in a situation that can be considered as an “emergency” can the owner enter. This includes situations such as floods or fires. More information about the owner’s right of access.

More information about Gas Safety Certificate

For more information about gas safety check and registered gas safety engineers, visit the gas safety registration website and the HSE website.

Release form gas safety certificate

In view of the changes to the legislation in Article 21 in October 2015 for homeowners in England, it is imperative that homeowners provide their tenants with a valid gas safety certificate.

To protect myself, I have future tenants / new ones who sign a release form, confirming that they have received a copy of a valid gas safety certificate. You can download a copy by entering your name and e-mail address below.

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