Whether you got a boiler recently or you have had a boiler in your house hold for quite a while, maintenance of boilers is highly crucial. We’ve all heard that boiler service is important to make the boiler last a longer time and work better than before, but why is it so important? Without the maintenance of the boiler, it is bound to face difficulty in working and eventually stop working at all. It is better to maintain your boiler as avoiding to do so will most likely lead to buying a new boiler. What is the point of constantly investing in new boilers when you can keep yours maintained and make the most use of it.

A boiler service is highly important because without getting your boiler maintained, it can not only harm the boiler but also the individuals residing in the household in which the boiler is contained. Due to a fault boiler, approximately 250 or more individuals are hospitalized each year as a fault boiler can produce harmful chemicals and poison the members of the household with carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why getting boiler services is crucial as avoiding the maintenance of your household’s boiler can lead to number of harmful consequences.

Tips for maintenance of boiler

Now that we have discussed the why boiler services are highly crucial to be done, the next question that arises is how often should boiler services be performed? The most recommended duration of getting boiler services done is at least once a year. If you have just bought a new boiler, then you may be wondering how long you should wait to service it. If your boiler is new then you should most definitely wait for 12 months before getting it services as it also helps you satisfy the terms of your warranty. After that, you need to get boiler service executed at least every 12 months so the boiler keeps performing well.

Most boilers come with a warranty of at least 5 years and up to 10 years. However, if you do not get boiler services done every year then the chances of your boiler working efficiently for even the warranted time are pretty low. If you get boiler services done every year, then your boiler will stay in shape and will most likely last longer than its warranty which is beneficial for you financially as well.

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