The landlords electrical safety certificate also has the name of a periodic inspection certificate performed for each electrical installation. What it really means is that it is a report that contains details of all the detailed technical data on the electrical wiring that are part of your property. It also provides all the details about the wiring status. Recommendations are also made for any changes and improvements that must be made to the electrical installation.

Obtaining an electrical safety certificate is an important part of owning or if you are selling your home. To obtain it, your property must undergo a test and inspection and you will not receive the certificate until you pass it. The main objective of obtaining a certificate for this is a solidly certified proof that your home’s electrical system is present and safe. This certificate is usually requested when you sell or rent the property. Most rental companies will even refuse to place your property on your list if you don’t have the certificate.

If you do not perform the test and inspection, you are likely to have a fatal fall or present to a potential tenant. Safety should be your top priority. There is no legal obligation to have the certificate, but it is a tacit standard in the industry. There are several professionally qualified people and agencies that can offer you this service. Deep inspections, but in the end, you will be sure that your electrical installations meet the standards set by the state.

Contact a known and recommended gas and electricity safety certificate engineer to schedule an inspection. Your equipment comes to you and thoroughly inspects the electrical wiring. The process lasts a maximum of three and this depends on the size of your home.

In most cases, you will receive your electrical safety certificates within a 48-hour period. If it is an emergency, there are also facilities to come in one day. Certificates can also be delivered to your home if requested. The process is not an expensive one-time investment: you must spend a maximum of about 80 pounds at a time. You will receive a paper copy of the certificate by mail and an electronic mail. All this was part of the package.

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Source: London Property Inspections