It is recommended that landlords check their gas appliances regularly to ensure that they are efficient and safe. But how much does a gas safety certificate cost?

What is a gas safety certificate?

A gas security certificate is issued to an owner after a gas safety check has been completed. In essence, it is proof that a registered Gas Safe technician has verified all gas appliances, accessories and flue pipes in the last 12 months.

You can also see those CP12 certificates. This period dates from the original gas safety certificate of the owner, in short CORGI Preform 12. All gas safety certificates in the UK are now issued by the Gas Safety Registry, but it is still commonly known as the CP12 certificate.

Gas safety checks explained

A registered Gas Safe engineer comes to your property to evaluate all gas appliances, pipes, fireplaces and flue channels to ensure that your home is safe to live in.

After this verification is complete, you will receive your CP12 certificate. If you rent your property, you must provide a copy to your tenants within 28 days and provide it to new tenants when they move. It is really important that the verification is only carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer; otherwise you will not receive the correct legal certification.

How much does a gas safety certificate cost?

There is no fixed price for gas safety check and certificates and the costs simply depend on the Gas Safe technician you choose.

The costs can start from £ 29 and go up to more than £ 129, depending on the number of gas appliances to be checked. The costs of the certificate increase for each additional gas appliance on the site (for example a gas fire or a plate).

London Property Inspections have difference Gas safety cost plan according to the numbers of your appliances, which are given below:


Services Price
Gas safety certificate (gas meter only) £29
Gas safety certificate (1 gas appliance) £59
Gas safety certificate (2 gas appliances) £69
Gas safety certificate (3 gas appliances) £79
Gas safety certificate + boiler service £129

If you live in a rental home, your landlord must organize and pay the annual costs of the gas safety check.

If you live in your own house, you may be eligible for a free annual gas safety check as long as you have not had a gas safety check in the past year and:

If the device has emitted carbon monoxide, go to the hospital for a checkup and tell them that they may have been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning.
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