Need and Importance of Having Gas Safety Certificate in London

We at London Property Inspections supplies the gas safety certificate from the London to landlords, real estate agents and home buyers who are interested in all areas of London and M25. All our engineers are registered with gas security and all have an identity card with them. As the owner, it is your responsibility to ensure adequate gas safety for your tenants. You must ensure that all gas appliances are in order and in perfect condition.

A gas safety certificate is required for every home with every type of gas appliance, for example a gas boiler, gas hob or even a gas fire. The person registered with gas safety can only provide these safety certificates.

What is a gas safety certificate and why is it important in London?

A gas safety check in London means that a registered Gas Safe technician will verify your gas equipment. Check whether your gas appliances are working properly or not.

  • Gas appliances work in the right direction with an accurate pressure level
  • Hazardous gases are cleaned from devices.
  • An adequate gas check ensures that your device and its are safe.
  • Be safe against gas fire and leaks
  • Gas Safety Check finds the problems and solutions of your work with gas
  • It is British law for homeowners who have to check their gas appliances annually.

The process that includes a gas safety check is detailed below:

Normally a gas safety check or a London CP12 certificate is required to confirm that the inspection of all gas appliances on site is completed. Some of them are listed below:

  • Visually inspect all gas appliances, pipes and flues to identify potential problems.
  • Check whether all necessary ventilation is present
  • Smoke flow test to ensure the removal of combustible materials.
  • Check whether all flame failure devices are working properly
  • Verification of verification of unsafe operations
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