Try and make sure that as many fixed lamps as possible have energy saving lamps, that is compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or light emitting diodes (LEDs). If you have a hot water tank, ensure that there is sufficient insulation around. Good insulation can make a significant difference in qualification. Register yourself for EPC Certificate London in discount prices by London Property Inspections.

Attic insulation. If we cannot see that the loft is insulated because we cannot access the loft or because the loft is covered, you must have all documentation to prove that the loft insulation is installed.

If you have cavity wall insulation that is not visible due to display, etc., have the documentation to hand.

If your double-glazed windows were installed after 2002 and the date is not visible on the units, you must have the documentation to display the installation date.

Boiler information: we will try to determine the exact brand and model of the gas or oil heating boiler. If this is possible, the exact efficiency of the boiler can be determined. It is probably higher than the standard software configuration for that type of boiler. Setting boiler details for visual inspection can be difficult, so make sure you have an available information manual or service history.

If your home has undergone major changes, extensions or renovations to a loft, show the building permit EPC certificate London to the consultant on the day of the survey. This documentation will have a major impact on the production of a higher EPC. Ensure that all parts of the building are unlocked and accessible, including basements and attic space.

The report is presented at the end in the central register of Landmark for England and Wales, Scotland or Ireland and is given a unique 24-digit report reference number (RRN). A commercial EPC and a recommendation report are then prepared for each commercial property in question.

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