PAT Testing in London is one of the most overlooked steps in ensuring the safety of residential and commercial buildings. After all, the law does not require that every business owner or owner have a PAT test certificate. So why would you buy one? While it is true that this test is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of PAT Testing Cost.

Make sure your devices are safe for use

The PAT test (cost) is the process of inspecting portable and non-portable electrical devices through visual inspection, extensive testing, and other procedures. It is necessary because most electrical faults are not visible to the naked eye. If you do not test and examine electrical appliances carefully, certain faults will go unnoticed and threaten your safety and that of your tenants. Some of the hard-to-detect faults are insulation integrity, grounding and continuity, incorrect polarity, and excessive current from the protective conductor.

Respect the various safety regulations

Regulatory boards do not specifically require that you perform PAT tests. However, they advise you to do it anyway. In this way, you can prove that your electrical appliances, especially those supplied with the residential and commercial properties you rent, are safe. If you perform PAT tests, you also comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1974, the Workplace Electricity Regulations of 1989, the determination and use of the Equipment Regulations. work in 1998 and occupational health and safety management in 1999.

Avoid fines or costly fines

As the owner, you are responsible for providing a safe space for your tenants. Failure to do so may mean that you have to pay high fines and receive serious charges. For electrical accidents and non-compliance, you can be fined £ 5,000-20,000. The authorities may even sentence you to a prison sentence of six months to two years, depending on the case and the extent of the damage caused by your negligence.

The growing number of electrical accidents caused by appliances

Recent reports show the alarming number of home and office electrical incidents and accidents caused by appliances. This is one of the main reasons why PAT tests in London are a must.