PAT testing in London is an important safety measure expected from employers and owners. It is not a legal requirement, unlike the EICR. But while there is currently no law that clearly states that you must obtain a PAT testing cost for certificate, there are government regulations that suggest how essential this is.

For example, owners and employers are required to ensure that all devices in their commercial buildings or real estate work and are properly maintained. This is to keep your employees and tenants safe and away from danger. One of the most effective ways to ensure compliance is through PAT testing.

In fact, there are four prescriptions that highly recommend PAT testing in London, namely:

PAT testing is in fact an effective preventive measure against electrical fires and other related incidents. The following are some of the steps needed to perform the test. During the PAT test, the electrician must perform a visual inspection of portable devices, as well as fixed devices, computers, cables and chargers. He or she must inspect the flexible cables and take note of signs of wear.

In-depth check

A complete PAT test must go beyond visual inspection. Electricians provide deeper verification with their PAT testing equipment to test earth continuity, cable polarity and insulation resistance.

Mark devices

At the end of the PAT test, the electrician must place stickers on each device to indicate whether the test was “passed” or “failed”. The label must also indicate the date or year that the device may no longer be used.

Proof of PAT test certificate

If you have hired an electrician or a service provider, you must get a certificate. This shows that the devices have been tested. In addition, the certificate displays a full report on the test result, which indicates which devices have passed the standard requirements or not, as well as the data from the individual tests.

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