London Property Inspections offers a reliable portable device testing service (PAT Testing Cost) that uses testers fully qualified with up-to-date PAT equipment (which is calibrated annually). All PAT tests are performed according to the IEE Code of Practice for Electrical Equipment Inspection and Testing Standards, and fully documented and recorded test results are provided. Portable device testing will be performed at your facility to adapt to you sometimes, minimizing interruptions in your business.

PAT Testing for Landlords

All owners who leave their property as a commercial activity are required by law to ensure that the equipment they offer during the lease is safe. The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulation of 1994 requires that all electrical network equipment, including appliances, kitchens, toasters, etc., supplied in rental properties, whether new or used, must be safe. We strongly recommend that you perform the PAT test BEFORE you start a new lease.

PAT Testing for Companies

A PAT test is an essential part of every health and safety policy of a company. The 1998 regulation on the provision and use of work equipment (POWER) requires ALL employers in the United Kingdom to ensure that work equipment is safe and adequate for the purpose. To achieve this, a PAT test must be performed. Your property or commercial insurance may be invalidated in the event of a claim without a valid PAT test.

We perform PAT tests for offices, factories, NHS hospitals, private hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, mod, local authorities, emergency services, public houses, clubs, bars, restaurants, garages, hotels, guesthouses, theme parks, caravans. parks, warehouses, construction sites, airports, owners, real estate agents, shops and stores, banks, construction companies and much more.

Reasons for the PAT test

Minimize the risk of death or injury for you, your employees and visitors to your facilities.
Fire hazard due to defective devices.
Legal requirements: health and safety regulations
Insurance requirements

Many insurance companies require PAT tests. Your insurance policy can be invalidated if you have not met the PAT requirements, so any claim to the policy can be rejected.

What is the PAT test and why do we need it?

The PAT test is a specialized process for testing all portable devices to ensure their safety. It is usually a routine procedure for people who work with electrical devices or have them in a work environment. Tapping or testing portable devices is an important part of any health and safety policy. The Health and Safety Executive states that approximately 1,000 electrical accidents are reported annually and that about 25 people die from their injuries.
Test standards for portable devices. The Electricity at Work Regulation imposes a legal responsibility on employers, employees and independent employees to comply with the provisions of the regulations and to take reasonably feasible measures to ensure that the use of such equipment is not endangered.

The Electricity at Work Regulation stipulates that all electrical equipment used in the work environment must be in a safe state. The Health and Safety Executive recommends that you comply with the regulations. An inspection and test schedule must be implemented at all workplaces. The frequency of this scheme depends on the type of equipment and the environment in which it is used.
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