The portable appliances test is the electrical safety test of portable electrical equipment. It consists of a visual inspection and various electrical tests performed with test equipment. Devices that have passed the equipment are considered safe for use until the next test date. The equipment has a self-adhesive label with the text Approve or failure and the following test date. The intervals between tests are normally 12 months, but can be between 6 and 24 months depending on the environment. Normally we set an annual test date of 12 months. Register yourself for PAT Testing Cost at low by London Property Inspections.

Integrated devices and wired devices where the socket is not accessible will be visually inspected and a ground tests (if applicable). PAT tests are normally conducted in shops, companies, municipal and public organizations, rental homes, and nursing homes. Wherever employees are or where people stay in rented or public accommodation. The exhibition centers and public halls, both the place and the users who bring equipment, also need PAT tests. We also replace caps and fuses.

Although this is not a legal requirement, regulations 4 (2) regarding on-site electricity require maintenance and periodic testing of the equipment. Similarly, the Working Conditions Act, etc., from 1974 imposes a duty of care on both the employer and the employee to guarantee the safety of all persons using the work facilities. Regular registration and certification of the test of portable devices is an integral part to ensure safety. The PAT test is part of a good health and safety regime. Some tips require a PAT test of furnished properties before they are rented to tenants, in the same way many insurance companies will grant a discount if the equipment is tested on the PAT site.

We will test PAT all devices in a rented flat for just £ 59

1-20 items (£ 37.50 without VAT | £ 59 with VAT)

20-40 items (£ 55 excluding VAT | £ 79 including VAT)

Every item above 40. £ 1.20 including VAT

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