Gas safety certificate: gas meter of only £ 29 incl. VAT: this certificate is required if you do not have gas appliances on site, but gas is still running through the pipe. This type of configuration is common in the Council floors where the main gas line is located in the basement and the gas line is integrated into the structure of the building linked to a secondary meter, so even if the gas is connected to the secondary meter, active gas lines can still be on the site. All devices can be electric, but because gas is still flowing through the pipes in the building, a gas meter test is still required to check if it is safe. In addition, some owners still want to keep the gas pipeline work active because they might want to install gas appliances at a later stage.

It is important that a gas meter or a leak test is performed every year to ensure that there are no gas leaks on site. This article is written to find the type and costs of the required gas certificate. We only inspect homes with a residential gas meter, pipes and appliances. Contact us if you need a commercial certificate.

Gas and pipe meter only

Gas safety certificate: 1 device £ 59 incl. VAT *: The most common type of scenario for 1 device is when there is only one gas boiler on site. Note that when testing a device, the gas meter and piping will also be inspected.

Gas boiler

Gas safety certificate – 2 devices £ 69 incl. VAT * – The most common scenario for 2 devices is when an owner has a gas boiler and a gas hob. Note that when testing a device, the gas meter and piping will also be inspected.

Gas safety certificate – 4 devices £ 68 incl. VAT * – There can be different combinations for 4 devices and I will list a few below:

* Please note that each gas safety check with one or more devices will also perform an inspection of the gas meter and pipe.

Do all my gas appliances have to be tested?

By law, all gas appliances on a property must be tested during an inspection that is owned by the owner. You cannot choose which devices to test, even if you have installed a new device within a year. A gas safety engineer can only certify a gas certificate or believe that a property is safe for gas, if all equipment on the site has been tested that day.

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