EICR is Electrical Installation Condition Report. This report checks and verifies that all the electrical connections and electrical appliances in your property are in a safe working condition and do not present any electrocution or fire hazards due to overloading or loose electrical connections. It is a check against the national safety standard for electrical installation BS 7671 UK and can only be carried out by a certified and experienced electrician who is registered with NICEIC, NAPIT or STROMA.

Why is EICR needed?

With the passage of time, the electrical connections in the property deteriorate. This deterioration might occur due to overloading of the circuit or due to any defective work that is not done by a competent or authorized electrician. Due to this deterioration, the electrical connections and appliances may present a serious electrocution or fire hazard to the occupants of the property which might result in serious damages or even a fatality.

Who needs it?

What EICR represents?

An EICR tells you whether the electrical installations in the property under consideration are satisfactory or unsatisfactory. These recommendations are made by the inspectors who are certified engineers and are registered with NICEIC, NAPIT or STROMA. They are obligated to provide the basis for their recommendation. The condition of the electrical connections are based on 4 standards that represent how much the condition of the connections deviates from the national standards and the urgency of the remedial action that is needed to rectify the issues that are present.

Choose London Property Inspections for EICR

At London Property Inspections, you can get these services for as low as £99 up to £200 depending upon the covered area of your property. We have a qualified team of specialist engineers with a vast experience in this field. Our company is registered with NICEIC, NAPIT and STROMA so that your property is inspected on all the relevant specifications of an EICR.
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