It is primarily designed to inspect every gas appliance, including water heaters, stoves and fires (permanent or portable) to ensure that they work correctly and safely. A registered gas safety engineer MUST perform a gas safety check.

Every house with gas appliances must be checked annually by a registered gas safety engineer. It should be noted that a gas safety inspection is NOT an alternative to a service and that devices must also be checked annually to ensure that they work efficiently and safely. If you have an annual service, this includes an annual security check so you don’t have to do both.

If you are an owner, the law requires that you perform an annual gas safety check for all gas appliances in your rental properties and provide evidence to your tenants in the form of a gas safety certificate from the owner or CP12. Your technician will provide it and provide you with proof that the artifacts have been inspected by a registered gas safety engineer.

What they verify to issue the gas safety certificate:

In Gas Safety Certificates we are qualified to perform a series of safety checks and to issue gas safety certificates. Our engineers are registered with Gas Safe and Stroma. We also have the NAPIT and NICEIC certification. We value your time and money.

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