PAT testing is an annual test done on the electrical portable appliances in any property that is supposed to be rented out. This test ensures that the landlord is safe from the law of consumer protection 1987 and the electrical equipment act of 1994. The certificate that is issued after the inspection can be used as an evidence by the landlord when they want to claim insurance to show that all the appliances being used at their property were compliant with all the health and safety regulations and were periodically and properly checked. This certificate also ensures that the appliances that are going to be used by the tenants are safe and do not present any danger regarding electrocution. Try London Property Inspections for low PAT Testing Cost in UK.

Who can carry out PAT testing and how is it done?

PAT testing can be carried out by anyone who knows how to use the PAT test machine but it is advised that only an electrical engineer who is registered with NICEIC/ECA should carry out this test. The reason for this is that firstly, the test will not take too long and the second reason being that if there are any issues with the device, they can be repaired instantly. This test machine is an instrument that is connected to all the appliances to show if they are working properly or not. They are also checked visually to see if there is any apparent damage to the appliance or the wire and if the wire is in proper condition i-e does not have any cuts or joints from where there can be a leakage in current and also if the appliance is earthed properly.

What happens after a PAT test is done?

After the test has been carried out, a sticker is pasted on the appliance that shows if it has passed or failed the test depending upon the condition that it is in. Apart from the sticker, a certificate is also issued to the landlord that shows which appliances have been tested and which have been approved or disapproved. Typically a PAT certificate has the following details but it should be noted that there is no standard format of the certificate that has to be followed

The certificate does not usually contain the details of all the appliances that have been tested. A separate report is attached with the certificate which contains all such details.

At London property Inspections, we have a qualified and approved team of engineers with the relevant standards of NICEIC/ECA. You can get the services of carrying out a complete PAT test on your property. Our prices start from £59 and go up to £139 depending upon the number of appliances to be checked at your site.

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