Are landlords conscious of the potential electrical hazards that are lying in wait in their properties? At some phase of our life we will all have lived in some type of rented accommodation. We will have also hired the services of an electrician as well as other related London Property Inspections for work needed done at home.

Using an electrician to maintain such property is often not considered by landlords, which often can put the occupants in danger. Properties need to be maintained by accountable landlords and trusted tenants. Nevertheless there is some legal confusion regarding the requirements for electrical work in rented properties, electricians ought to be employed to supply landlord electrical safety certificate for work so that the landlord is thoroughly covered from an insurance position.

It’s essential to raise attention among-est the rental sector and landlord audience of their legal obligations for electrical safety, but in addition offer guidance for a way these responsibilities can be met. An electrical periodic inspection report of the home should be performed by an approved electrical contractor or electrician and portable appliance testing ought to be performed on portable items contained in the property to ensure tenant safety.

Electrical safety certificates should be done by an electrician who’s registered via an approved government competent persons scheme. The most significant electrical safety certificates are:

Periodic Inspection Report

Based on the premises irrespective of if domestic or commercial, it’s better to have a full electrical inspection undertaken at appropriate intervals by an approved electrician or electrical, contractor. The electrical wiring is examined within your property and this thoroughly checks the safety of the electrical installation. The expense of the inspection varies primarily based on the scale of the electrical installation and the electrician will give you a Periodic Inspection Report for the work completed. If there’s any electrical installation safety issues the electrician will provide the landlord with all the pertinent details on the improvements that need to be made.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

It’s vital to instruct an electrician to complete PAT testing on all portable electrical appliances within the residence annually. Any electrical appliances which are provided inside of the home which might be plugged into the mains electricity (such as, TV’s Kettle, microwaves, electric heaters, etc.) are understood to be portable electrical appliances. PAT testing is to be completed every year by an electrician to be sure that all portable electrical items provided with the house are electrically safe. PAT testing can differ in price with respect to the number of things that are present in the residence


Landlords aren’t the only stakeholders included with electrical safety certificates. Tenants should likewise understand their rights with regards to the electrical safety of their home and learn how to understand basic electrical problems. Tenants should recognize their commitments for the safe use of the home electrical system and the appliances contained in the property. Further advice for such concerns can be obtained either by attempting to get hold of your local electrician promptly or by making contact with the Electrical Safety Council.

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