EICR Certificate

EICR Certificate is short form of Electrical Installation Condition Report issued by a competent and qualified electrician after carrying out visual inspection and testing current fixed electrical installations of a property. People call it with different names e.g. EICR Certificate, EICR Report and Electrical Certificate. Previously it is known as period inspection report.

EICR Certificate Cost
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EICR Certificate Cost

EICR Certificate cost depends upon the number of bedrooms in a property.  Our price starts from £79 . Please note our prices are fixed and we do not charge any extra cost.
Size Flat/House Cost
Landlord EICR Certificate - Studio
Landlord EICR Certificate 1-2 bedrooms
Landlord EICR Certificate 3-4 bedrooms
Landlord EICR Certificate 5-6 bedrooms


Our engineers are qualified, accredited and insured who are registered with NICEIC, NAPIT, Part P, City & Guilds and Gas Safe Register.

Why do I need an EICR?

There are many reasons why you may want to have an eicr certificate completed, some of the common use cases are listed below

  • You are a Private Landlord and wants to ensure that all of your electrics in a property are safe and meet current British Standards prior to renting it to tenants.
  • You are a Landlord who is renting a property out through a Housing association or Council and they have requested the report/certificate
  • You are a Home Buyer who has/is purchasing a property and want to make sure the electrics meet British standards. Its also common for Building surveys to request that the Gas and Electrics are tested.
  • You are a Home Owner who wants to make sure the property electrics are safe to use.
What are Fixed Electrical Installations in a Property?

Fixed electrical installations are consumer unit, sockets, lights, cables, earth bonding and gas bonding etc. Portable electrical appliances are not tested during EICR procedure. These appliances are tested under another test called PAT (Portable Appliance Testing).

Duties of Landlords

Most of the landlords in UK make sure the current fixed installations are tested in their properties so that tenants can live in a safe environment to avoid any unforeseen incident e.g. property get a fire due to electrical surge or due to old installations. New electrical regulations introduced by UK Government protects the occupants/residents from any kind of damage which may occur due to potential electrical shock or defective installation.

Efficiency and durability of electrical installations reduce with the passage of time due to several reasons and should be inspected on different intervals.

Sometimes tenants misuse or temper the electrical installation which should be inspected once the property is vacant for next tenancy but it is the duty of tenants as well to inform landlord about the status of electrical installation e.g. a socket is broken which may be dangerous for residents. Validity of an EICR is maximum for 5 years but landlords should get the electrical inspection done for any kind of repairs required.

EICR Certificate is valid for 5 years. Once an electrician completes his inspection, landlord should get the certificate from electrician and provide one copy to the tenants and should keep one copy with himself. A copy can also be provided to the relevant Council if they ask in written. It should be supplied to the electrician when the next inspection is due.

EICR Report Status

Once the inspection is finished, electrician is liable to provide a report to the landlord showing status of electrical installation as SATISFACTORY or UNSATISFACTORY.

    EICR can be unsatisfactory due to several reasons e.g. old fuse box which does not meet current British Standards of 18th edition, naked cables are found or resistance value is higher etc. Landlords are bound to get the remedial work done pointed out on the observation section of report within 28 days. Upon completion of the remedial work provide a SATISFACTORY copy to tenants.

    You do not need to get any remedial work done if electrician issue SATISFACTORY EICR.
Cost of Remedial Work

Cost of remedial work depends upon the observations made by electrician. There is no fixed fee set in this procedure and different companies have their own fee. Contact us to get quote if you are issued with unsatisfactory report.