Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

There are two types of landlord electrical safety certificates

Here you will find the importance of these two certificates, when these are required and after how much interval these should be done and who can carry out these tests and what is validity of these certificates.

Electrical Installation Condition Report:

In this test all the fixed electrical appliances are tested/inspected in a property to make sure the property is safe for residents/tenants and there is no chance of injury or life risk. Fixed electrical installation includes consumer unit, sockets, lights, earth bonding and gas bonding etc. Visual inspection is also done during checks along with testing the installation with electrical tools. Upon completion of the test you are provided with the report called electrical installation condition report showing the results of test either the electrical installation is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. 

This test is done by a qualified and competent person, it is the duty of the landlord to hire a relevant person and tenant should also verify the qualification number once the electrician is onsite. EICR is required if you are renting out your property or you are selling out your property. 

Most of the properties in London are very old and have old electrical installations. It is duty of Landlords to get the checks done on electrical installation to see if there is something wrong with the installation or anything required to be replaced e.g. sockets, lights or consumer unit etc. Electrical wires and cables have age and after certain period they do not give 100% output and in result there are chances of fire if electrical surge happens. This is the reason Government has made EICR mandatory for rental properties. Click here to read more about EICR

Domestic EICR Electrical Safety Certificate Cost

Landlord Electrical Certificate cost starts from £89 for studio flat and we price on the basis of bedrooms numbers in a property. Our prices are all tax inclusive. We do not charge any extra or hidden fee and our cost table is below:

Commercial EICR Electrical Certificate Cost

Commercial Electrical Certificate cost is based on number of electrical circuits in a premises. Our cost list is below:

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

In this test all of the portable electrical appliances which are plugged into the sockets are tested by a qualified electrician. Visual examination is also performed during the process because some faults can’t be found by testing, however, testing is also the part of procedure and some faults can’t be found by visual examination so both process are the important part of PAT testing.

Portable electrical appliances include TV, Kettle, Microwave, Iron, Toaster, Fridge, Freezer, Lamp and Electric heaters etc. Upon completion of this test electrician apply stickers on appliances as pass or fail or they can issue a certificate showing the list of appliances tested. Both ways are acceptable.

According the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 any electrical appliances which may cause injury should be tested and is maintained properly to make it safe to use. PAT testing is not a legal requirement but for the safety of residents it should be completed. PAT testing is done on annual basis.

It is duty of Landlord, electrical appliances provided by him are tested on annual basis and are safe to use. Any electrical appliance own by the tenants are their responsibility to get tested. If tenant or Landlord install a new appliance in a property it should also be tested.

Price for PAT Testing depends upon the number of electrical appliances and type of property (residential or commercial). Click here to see the prices.

In commercial properties portable electrical appliances are photocopier, printer, computer and kitchen appliances etc. In short any portable electrical appliance which is plugged into the mains electricity should be tested. It is duty of Landlord to provide the safe environment for employees by making sure every appliance is safe to use to prevent danger.

Domestic PAT Testing Cost

Domestic PAT Testing cost starts from £59 and based on number of items. Our prices are all tax inclusive. We do not charge any extra or hidden fee.

Commercial PAT Testing Cost
Commercial PAT Testing cost starts from £79 and based on number of electrical items in a premises and our simple list is below:

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