Today we will discuss the types of electrical problems that can occur in your home and how you can solve them with the most suitable solution. Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to electrical faults, whether it is a flickering tube light, over higher electricity bills, power surges or damage to electronic devices due to water or rain or other reasons. All the above problems can be a sign of an electrical problem in the circuit of your house. Below are some of the most common electrical problems that you can identify yourself and resolve with the most appropriate solution or you can ask the nearest electrician to perform an electrical safety certificate for home.

1) Span:

Current peaks can be caused by various reasons for damage to power cables, lightning or a defective electrical device. Keep in mind that even incorrect wiring around the house can cause voltage spikes. Although the power spikes last a millisecond, the frequent occurrence of such power spikes can damage and shorten the life of the electrical components of the devices connected to your home’s power supply.

2) Light switches:

If you notice that the dimmer switches in your house do not adjust the lighting correctly, this is mainly due to a cheap product or poor workmanship. However, if your switches do not work, this is probably a sign that there is a malfunction in the power outlet, the power cord wiring, or the power circuit.

3) Circuit breaker trip:

The continuous switching off of circuit breakers is usually due to the overloading of high-power devices such as microwaves, hair dryers or irons. This generally means that your home does not have enough power outlets to meet the requirements of your powerful devices. You can use your devices at a lower power consumption level to prevent the circuit breaker from turning off, or you can use fewer devices that require high power.

4) Electric shock:

Electric shocks are not that easy, experiencing them can be very unpleasant and if not properly watched, this can cause serious injury or death. Electric shocks usually occur when devices are switched on or off. In such a scenario, it is better to call an electrician to solve the problem.

5) Electricity bill:

If you receive an energy bill that is too high than normal, it probably means that there are damaged wires in your house or that the circuit is damaged. Again, it is better to talk to an electrician about this and find the solution.

6) Lights on:

One of the most common electrical faults in the house is the lights of the tubes that burn more often. There may be various reasons for such malfunctions, for example, the wattage of the lamp is too high, poor wiring of the circuit, poor connection in the circuit or the total permitted wattage in a switch exceeds the limit.
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